PC1 Technology run across businesses all the time who tell us that they have a website, but they don’t have the time to learn how to manage it properly. As a result, they neglect software upgrades, content updates, and more, and their website suffers as a result (or it gets hacked). For years we’ve helped businesses with their website content and marketing efforts. Types of Services Included: • Uploading blog posts that you’ve written • Making sure your website software (CMS) is updated frequently • Editing information like store hours, menus, and employee contact information • Building new pages on your site
1) Content Management
Adding new properties
Updating description, price and images for the existing properties
Image must be provided from client side
Updating content for the other pages
2) Maintenance for the Website
We will maintain your website by making sure that site is online and running smoothly also we will be taking care of weekly back up to prevent data loose by server expiry and spam attacks.

  • Daily data backups
  • Proactive updates of site software
  •  Alerts for site downtime
  •  Daily security scans and cleanup
  • 404/broken link monitoring
  • faster load-times and bandwidth savings


Pictures speak louder than words and thus, we create graphics that define businesses’ services in the best possible way.


Our professionals have the capability of featuring websites over desktop, smartphones and tables alike with responsive web design services


The type and kind of designs for a web portal differ with the kind of business it has. We include all the essentials while providing the services.